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Private Coaching

…And I’ll show you a diet and fitness routine guaranteed to give you amazing results, even if you're a beginner.


Here’s a 7-day “effortless”
workout and diet routine.

I give you the shopping lists,the exercises, and everything you need to get started. Best of all, it’s designed for women like you… And me :)


Believe in yourself and you can achieve anything you set your mind to!

1 Week Challenge FREE!


 "Maria's plan truly changed my mindset. Instead of trying to diet to be skinny or look a certain way, she helped me overhaul my lifestyle as a whole."


 "The combination of provided meal plans, recipes, and online workouts are the triple threat to your fitness success! Thank you Maria, for helping me reach my goal!"


Hey there extremely busy and skeptical Women,

Listen: getting in the best shape of your life (and feeling damn good in your own skin for a change) does NOT have to be complicated.


It does NOT have to mean waking up at 5 every day, working out for 2 hours a day restricting what you eat.


In short… It does NOT have to be hard.


At least not with the practical and proven step by step advice in my private coaching.


Here’s What’s NOT In This Program…

“Yo-Yo” Diets

Put better food in, get better results out. My plant-based, allergy-friendly nutrition guide is here to help you feel good by fueling good, so you can stop “starting over” and start savoring every last bite. 

Impossible Workouts

No gym? No problem. These no frills, beginner-approved workouts are made for moving your body at home, on-the-go and everywhere in between, cutting out the excuses once and for all. 

Short Term Results

Real change doesn’t happen overnight. In this program, I’ll show you how to crack the code of your current weight plateau and create a sustainable lifestyle shift made for unlocking lasting results. 


Are You Ready To Go All In?

Heck Yes, Sign Me Up!


But Don’t Just Take My Word For It…

Here’s what women like you and me think:

Hey Gorgeous,


Maria Smith here. You’ve got a million things on your plate right now, so let me get straight to the good stuff.


A few years ago, I was standing where so many other women (and maybe even you) have been before.


I was entering my 40’s, completely burnt out from trying every trendy new diet on the market (Spoiler Alert: they don’t work) and feeling like getting into the lean shape of my dreams just wasn’t meant to be.


No B.S. Fitness For
Real. Busy. Women

How about fitness that actually works with your busy schedule? A diet that doesn’t require you to starve? Fitness advice for women 40 and up? Yes, yes, and yes.

Private one of one coaching will get your results.

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