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Fitness For Real Women

How about fitness that actually
works with your busy schedule?
A diet that is simple and
sustainable? Fitness advice
for women 40 and up?
Yes, yes, and yes!

Change your mindset and see



Sign up for my private coaching session to achieve the body and life you deserve!




 "Maria's plan truly changed my mindset. Instead of trying to diet to be skinny or look a certain way, she helped me overhaul my lifestyle as a whole."


 "The combination of provided meal plans, recipes, and online workouts are the triple threat to your fitness success! Thank you Maria, for helping me reach my goal!"



Lose weight, build muscle and get in the best shape of your life.

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My private coaching program was designed to help you lose weight, build muscle, all while learning what to eat.
While exercise is important, eating the right balance of macronutrients is the key to changing your body. 

If you've been struggling with weight loss and trying to get healthy THIS is the program for you. Not only will you lose weight, you will gain confidence in knowing you've taken the first step toward developing habits for a healthy lifestyle.

The program includes:

Meal plans
Workout videos, delicious recipes, shopping lists and a 
workout journal to track your progress
And a private Facebook group where you can get questions answered 24 hours a day.

Invest in yourself.


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Program Convenience

Whether you want to work out at home or in the gym, this program allows you the flexibility to do both.

Sculpting your body takes a commitment to establishing healthy habits for a lifestyle you can manage on the go.

I am NASM Trained and have been weight training for the better part of 30 years. I will show you the exercises I use to build muscle while achieving a lean and fit physique. 



With the right combination of meals and targeted weight resistance training, you too can achieve the body you've always wanted.


Weight training workouts and a proper diet help me manage my stress, keeps me healthy and allows me the opportunity to maintain a strong and lean body. However, I was not prepared for the aging process. Not too long ago, I was heading into my mid 40's and gaining unwanted weight for the first time in my life. I tried every diet you can think of but couldn't find a solution to stop the yo-yo dieting and binge eating that inevitably followed. I wanted to lose weight I was gaining around my stomach, hips and thighs. And while I thought I was doing everything right, I was doing it all wrong. 

Meal Plans

The meal plans are carefully designed and planned with delicious and nutritious recipes, not only for maximum weight loss, but for health and longevity. 

Proper nutrition is the cornerstone to the meal plans. Eating well balanced diet will allow you to establish a base for what it truly means to be healthy.

Balancing the proper macronutrients is the key to building a better body. Whether you want to lose weight, gain weight or simply maintain your weight. This plan will get you one step closer to your goals.

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