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Get Bikini Ready by Summer!

Not too long ago I was heading into my mid 40's when I couldn't find any solutions to stop the yo-yo dieting and shed some weight.

I was gaining weight steadily and I was completely frustrated. I wasn't eating much, exercising 6 days a week and feeling defeated. I would try a new low calorie restrictive diet, drop a few pounds only to regain it back and then some.

I was so desperate I even tried googling "women over 40 weight loss secrets" to find articles on the internet. I wanted to know what to do to feel and look my very best and stop gaining weight I felt I didn't deserve. But the problem was not lack of exercise or discipline. The problem was the food. I would restrict my diet Monday through Thursday and by Friday night I was eating whatever I craved; cheese, bread, cupcakes, chips, chocolate - all the foods that I tried to avoid all week were all the foods I wanted to eat to fill the hunger cravings and once I started eating I couldn't stop. By Monday morning I would try to "hop back on the diet wagon" the food I had just eaten over the weekend was so indulgent it was hard to get back to restricting. Thus started the vicious cycle.

Diet. Restrict. Lose weight. Binge. Repeat.

Fast forward to today where I eat MORE food than ever, indulge when I want to and still maintain my weight and fitness goals. How did I do it? I stopped restricting carbs, increased my calories, cut back on fat and started loving whole foods. I have cured my bloat, balanced my hormones and revved up my metabolism at the ripe age of 50! The result has been life changing and I want to help you get there too.

Now is the time! Don't wait till June to decide that you are going to diet for 2 weeks only to fail and feel worse than when you started. Abs are truly made in the kitchen, so while you may want it, the question is will you make the necessary changes to make it happen?

I want you to feel and look your very best by Memorial day weekend when you could be strutting your stuff in your favorite bathing suit. But the reality is - it's going to take a lot of work and determination to get there. And there is no greater motivation than vanity. Do you want to be fit AND healthy? Do you want lasting weight loss and freedom to eat what you want without having to worry about gaining weight? Do you want to stop feeling hungry and deprived because you believe it's the only way to achieve your weight loss goals?

There is a better way and I'm here to teach you what I learned and what truly works.

This week I will share with you one tip each day that helped me get lean and fit.

You can start making small changes every single day to get you toward your goal.

Here's a few tips to get started:

1. Download Myfitnesspal. Start tracking your calories. This is a great way to see exactly how many calories you're eating. You may be eating too many calories and not even realize it. You may not be eating enough calories and you may need to add calories so that your metabolism starts to function properly.

2. TDEE calculator. Figure out what your minimum calories per day should be by using the online calculator. If you want to lose weight, you'll need to set your calories at 200 - 300 below your TDEE total. This is called a calorie deficit. It doesn't matter what you eat as long as you're at a calorie deficit. BUT if you are not eating enough of the right foods you will not be getting the macro nutrients and essential vitamins to maintain weight loss long term. This will perpetuate cravings and lead to poor health. So do this right and you will see incremental changes to help set you up for success by summer!

Look out for my email every day this week with a new tip to get you bikini ready by summer!



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